Sisters In Leather

If Russ Meyer and Godard got in a fist fight Russ would probably kick Godard’s ass but then they might collaborate and come up with something like this. Its a soft core, crime drama about a gang of busty, blackmailing, lesbian, biker babes. Imagine Russ setting up all these sexy scenes and Godard ruining them by having the couple argue or get interrupted. The film has that annoying French New Wave feel with bad jazz murmuring underneath everything and an absence of any likable characters. The pacing makes sure that each scene has a chance to fully peter out and die so there is no risk of momentum or tension accumulating.

But Meyers and Godard didn’t get in a fight or collaborate on a film, instead Zoltan G. Spencer, maker of such classics as Screentest Girls, was left to make this one all on his own and in 1969 he managed to complete this masterwork.

There’s truly nothing worse than soft core sex. Its always the same. Characters keep their mouths wide open and their tongues wagging around at nothing. The man always buries his face in the neck of the woman as if he was desperately trying to hide while the woman pants as if she is going to hyperventilate. Then there is the obligatory sensual bellybutton scene where one of them goes down on the other one’s navel.

The movie climaxes (a generous word) with a mix of rape and seduction which results in the lesbian hellions being converted in to hetero-hellions. All they needed was to be licked on the neck and clumsily mauled by some posturing biker dudes and they were fixed forever. The film ends with all the babes tamed and placed on the back of motorcycles behind their new found male lovers. Patriarchy is restored and all is well. I get misty eyed just thinking about it.

I blame California. All that fresh air, granola and sunshine fueled too many of these devil may care movies where all you needed was some hippie chicks, a few motorcycles and a bunch of acid to make a movie out in the desert.

I have an MFA in painting and I’m an art professor but I managed to convince my school to let me teach film.

I have an MFA in painting and I’m an art professor but I managed to convince my school to let me teach film.