Shot/Reverse Shot Madness In Bandhi Darwaza

Bandhi Darwaza is a two-and-half-hour, Bollywood, musical, vampire, movie. It’s campy and over the top but the vampire is actually pretty good. His makeup and movements are well done and he’s even a little scary. The film is way too long especially for a horror movie and the whole thing ends up repeating itself quite a bit.

Bandhi Darwaza was made in 1990 but it borrows heavily from the 1970s Christopher Lee Dracula films. The Lee films always had long close ups of Dracula’s bloodshot eyes staring at someone or something. Often it was the lily-white neck and bosom of some young blonde victim.

Shyam and Tulsi Ramsay, the directors of Bandhi Darwaza, seemed to have latched on to this trope and decided to fill their film with shot/reverse shot pairings of people staring at stuff. The pairings all go on way too long, endlessly cutting back and forth between the two points of view. As they go on and on, the shots slowly zoom in so that each switch gets closer nd closer. It’s dumb, but it’s entertaining. Provided below are nine of these pairings

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