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  • Sam Gonzalez

    Sam Gonzalez

    Avid writer. Cinephile. Will snark for just about anything

  • Kevin Méndez (kevome)

    Kevin Méndez (kevome)

    Uncultivated cinephile, pragmatic skeptical, aggressive passive, gamer unable, unimaginative reader, music lover without taste, nerd of the soul.

  • Dorothy Barenscott

    Dorothy Barenscott

    Modern and Contemporary Art Historian, Professor, Writer, Compassionate Instigator, Cinephile, Blogger, Epicure (not necessarily in that order)

  • Kristi McKim

    Kristi McKim

    film professor, cinephile, writer, reader, mama

  • Nikunj Sharma

    Nikunj Sharma

    Football-Crazy cinephile with a sweet tooth. Cheers!

  • Ben Tomassetti

    Ben Tomassetti

    user experience designer. cinephile. generally jovial

  • Sammy V

    Sammy V

    Just your friendly neighborhood know-it-all, doing my part to keep Austin weird. Health & fitness junkie by day, comic book nerd & cinephile by night.

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