Darna and Ding the Not So Dynamic Duo of The Philippines

There are 15 movies detailing the adventures of Darna and Ding. The first film was made in 1951. Darna was a comic book character created as a Philippine version of Wonder Woman. Besides the movies and the comic books there have also been three separate television series based on her adventures.

Darna v.s. The Planet Women

The ninth movie in the series was made in 1975 and was entitled Darna v.s. The Planet Women, not to be confused with Darna and The Planetmen (note the important change of the conjunction). In Darna v.s. The Planet Women, the shapely Darna, and her pudgy prepubescent sidekick Ding, must battle against the full spectrum of planet women, each of whom come in a different color. Of course all women are planet women but these are evil alien planet women in very tight short shorts. These women have been brought to earth by Mistress Electra to kidnap the earth! The blue babe, the brown babe, the red babe and the white babe seem serious but the yellow babe is all flirty and wiggly. I think she may have her own special mission in mind. The alien ladies fly around in what looks like a flying saucer on the outside and a mechanical birthday cake on the inside.

I got to watch this cinematic gem on a streaming site that had uploaded the movie from a VHS tape. The mushy picture, muffled sound and heightened contrast that usually detract from a viewing experience actually helped emphasize the movie’s weird atmosphere. For a B-movie the lighting and feel of the film was kind of seductive, or maybe it was just all the close up shots of Darn’s midriff. There was most definitely a moral lesson in the movie. What a good and strong nation needs is Jesus and nuclear weaponry, and lots of go go boots, lots and lots of go go boots. I will write more when I can find more of these rare gem.

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