A Visual Summary of 10 Brothers of Shaolin

This guy has all the power. He’s head of the Ching
This guy lost all the power, He’s head of the Ming


This lady shows up to tell the second guy that the first guy can be defeated.
So this guy, who wants to help the second guy,
sends this guy
To protect the second guy so he can join this guy and defeat the first guy.
But the first guy sends this guy to stop the fifth guy
So everybody fights
but this guy has trained
these ten guys to help protect the 5th and 6th guys
So the ten guys, along with the 5th and 6th guys win the fight
Since the seventh guy lost the fight the first guy sends this guy to try again.
The first guy’s son, volunteers to help
This guy loves the woman from earlier but he gets killed when the two of them are ambushed by the 7th guy and the 19th guy
Meanwhile the ten guys have all disguised themselves so they can secretly help the 5th and 6th guys.
Then everyone fights
Then everyone runs
Then everyone fights
Then everyone runs
It turns out the third guy is actually a spy working for the first guy but he feels guilty about his betrayal so he kills himself
then the lady kills this guy
And this guy too
But then first guy kills the lady
Then the first guy kills both these guys.
And both these guys
But the third guys kills the first guy
And so

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