A Users Guide To Filmofile’s Articles

I have well over 200 articles about films posted on Medium. In order to make it easier for you to find what interests you I have grouped them into categories with hot links.

Wild Zero: A Cross Cultural Meat Grinder

Tomu Uchida’s Beautiful Film Love, Thy Name Be Sorrow

Godzilla vs. Hedora: Not Your Typical Kaiju Fare

Electric Dragon 80.000 V

Shin’ya Tsukamoto’s Hiroku The Goblin

I Love It From Behind is Not What You Think it is, or Maybe it is. NSFW

Watari, the Ninja Boy

Revenge of Mechagodzilla: Thoughts on Kaiju Symbolism

Entertainment And The Films Of Akira Kurosawa And Ingmar Bergman


I have an MFA in painting and I’m an art professor but I managed to convince my school to let me teach film. https://twitter.com/Filmofile1

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